Writing Center


The Writing Center provides support for students looking for help on any step of the writing process and for students who need to improve their academic skills. The services provided by faculty and tutors include determining audience and purpose, organizing ideas, documenting sources, editing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as well as acquiring better strategies for success in graduate school. The role of the Writing Center is not to proofread or “fix” papers before they’re turned in, but to respond thoughtfully to papers at any stage of the writing process and to help students improve their writing through discussion and instruction.


The Writing Center is located in the Theology Library on the 2nd floor down the short entry way hall. If a student needs help with a long or particularly difficult paper, he/she can ask for an appointment by contacting Eric Peterson.

Eric Peterson and Dr. Anne Kellenberger

ELL Instructors:

Eric Peterson
Email: epeterson@stjohnsem.edu
Phone: 805 482-2755 x1062

Dr. Anne Kellenberger
Email: akellenberger@stjohnsem.edu
Phone: 805 482-2755 x 1073