Carrie Estelle Doheny Memorial Library

The Carrie Estelle Doheny Memorial Library was built by the Doheny Foundation in memory of Countess Doheny. Her personal crest is displayed in mosaic above the front entrance.

The library was first opened in the fall of 1962 and supported the liberal arts curriculum of the St. John's Seminary College for 4 decades until the institution was closed. It now holds the philosophy titles owned by St. John's Seminary and provides classroom space for the pre-theology students, faculty offices and the seminary's Advancement Office.

Hanging on a wall in the basement is a life-sized photographic replica of the Shroud of Turin, a gift to the college.

On the entry level of the library is an expansive window overlooking the farmland below. The natural light and the spectacular view make the library one of the most pleasant study spaces on campus.